Roof Refurbishment

Roof refurbishment, also known as roof renovation, is a process that allows you to keep your existing roof, upgrading it to make sure it looks its best and functions effectively for many years to come. The process involves a thorough roof clean and treatment process, any necessary roof repairs, before a primer is applied, followed by a coat and seal. Once your roof has been refurbished, you can expect its lifespan to be extended by 15+ years – we offer you a 10-year guarantee as well.

Lti transformation can provide roof refurbishment services to the residential customers in Glasgow, Dundee, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk and throughout Scotland. If you would like to find out more about our roof refurbishment services, please call 0800 771 0097, email or send us a message.


These are some of the main benefits of choosing a roof refurbishment:

  • Cost-effectiveness – repairing and protecting your roof through a renovation service is more cost-effective than replacing it.
  • Aesthetic enhancement – we repair the roof first, realigning tiles, replacing missing ones, and repointing ridges and verges if needed. We upgrade the appearance of your roof and ensure it stays looking its best.
  • Bio-side treatment included – this treatment is used before the repair process, which will kill any rooted organic growth and prevent it from coming back.
  • Longer lifespans – once refurbished, you can expect your roof’s lifespan to be extended by 15 years or more. Plus, we guarantee our systems for 10 years.
lti transformations roof refurbishment scotland roof repirs

The process

Before any works commence on your property, your main installer will carry out a property survey/risk assessment in order to plan your installation safely and efficiently. Then site/garden is cleared and covered with protective tarpaulin sheets. All required access equipment is then erected.    

roof washed lti transforamtions

stage one: Deep roof clean

Using pressure controlled water we Clean off all traces of moss, lichen and algae.

lti transformations roof wash

stage two: Bio-side treatment

The roof undergoes a full bio-side treatment to kill any rooted organic growth and stop it from returning.

roof repairs in scotland lti-transformations new roof tles

stage three: Roof repairs

Now that the surface is clean, we realign misplaced tiles and replace broken ones. We then repoint ridges and verges where required.

lti-transformations roof refurbishment

stage four: Prime

Primer is applied to provide a strong bond between roof tiles and coating.

Stage five: Coat & seal

Using specialist airless sprayers we spray the tile with a base coat then a second coat to seal the roof.

lti transformations 10 yrah guarantee roof refurbishment


Refurbishment is now complete looking good as new with extended roof life of 15+ years.

short video of the process

Why Choose Lti Transformations for Roof Refurbishment?

These are some of the reasons why you should choose us for a roof refurbishment:

  • Full repair and refurbishment service for roofs
  • Quality products used for coating
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • A knowledgeable team carrying out all work

We always assess your requirements fully first, making sure a roof refurbishment will be the right option for you. We have a highly skilled team who can offer you all the advice you need

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